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Relay electronic protection of electric motors REZE-9

REZE-9 is designed to protect asynchronous motors and other rotary machines with a rotational speed of 400 to 3000 rpm and a shaft diameter of 20 to 200 mm by turning them off in the event of the following emergency situations:

  • unacceptable vibration of the machine;
  • inadmissible vibration of rolling bearings due to their increased wear or poor lubrication quality.

REZE-9 has additional functions:

  • indication of the vibration state of the machine and the technical condition of the bearings;
  • issuing output signals to indicate emergency engine shutdown using a remote LED or additional contacts with a rated operating current of 0.1 A at an amplitude of a rated operating voltage of 400 V.

REZE-9 operates in conjunction with a magnetic starter (contactor), as well as vibration sensors (2 pcs.).

Operating principle:

– основан на обработке сигналов от датчиков вибрации. При превышении одним из сигналов заданной уставки реле разрывает цепь питания катушки пускателя (контактора), отключает его и, соответственно, двигатель.

Technical specifications:

1) rated current of contacts at voltage 220/380 V, A 8
2) controlled parameters:
– when evaluating machine vibration vibration velocity (root mean square value)
– when evaluating bearing vibration vibration acceleration (mean square value)
3) controlled dynamic ranges:
– when evaluating machine vibration, mm/s 0.4÷11.2
– when evaluating vibration of bearings, dB 40
4) controlled frequency ranges, Hz:
– when evaluating machine vibration 5÷1000
– when evaluating bearing vibration 500÷10000
5) time delay setting, sec 122
6) AC supply voltage, V 220 (-44 +22)
7) power consumption, W, not more 2
8) line resistance between relay and vibration sensor, Ohm, not more 50
9) enclosure protection IP30
10) overall dimensions, mm 90×90×65

The warranty period – is 24 months from the date of sale.