Attention, new device!
Since December 15, 2020, our company has been releasing the indicator IDVI-05.

The IDVI-05 indicator has all the capabilities of the IDO-07 indicator and, in addition to them, provides detection of:

– problems with turn-to-turn insulation of three-phase loose windings (by generating a pulse test voltage with an amplitude of 1000 V at the phase terminals);
– turn-to-turn faults in pole coils;
– breaks of bars in squirrel-cage rotors.

Attention! From 01.01.2021 new prices (including VAT) for electronic products:

IDO-06 8994 hrn.   IBR-02 13698 hrn.
IDO-07 10398 hrn.   REZE-6M 3696 hrn.
IDVI-04 10332 hrn.   REZE-9 7596 hrn.
IDP-07 12696 hrn.   UVS-1 11196 hrn.