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Relay electronic protection of electric motors REZE-6M

REZE-6M designed to protect three-phase asynchronous motors with a power of 0.55÷315 kW by blocking the start or turning them off in the event of the following emergency modes:

  • impermissible motor overload by current;
  • abnormal disappearance of engine load (for example, “dry running” of the water pump);
  • insufficient insulation resistance of the winding relative to the motor housing during the pre-start period;
  • insufficient insulation resistance of the winding relative to the motor housing during the pre-start period.

REZE-6M has additional functions:

  • visual control of the motor current or the temperature of its body;
  • issuing output signals to indicate the presence of an overcurrent, blocking the start or emergency shutdown of the engine using a remote LED or auxiliary contacts with a rated operating current of 0.1 A at an amplitude of a rated operating voltage of 400 V.

REZE-6M operates in conjunction with a magnetic starter (contactor), as well as current sensors (2 pcs.) and temperature.

Operating principle:

– based on processing signals from current and temperature sensors. When one of the signals exceeds the set point, an intermediate relay in the power circuit of the starter coil (contactor) is activated, turns it off and, accordingly, the motor.

Technical specifications:

1) rated current of contacts at voltage 220/380 V, A 8
2) time delay settings, sec:
– when the motor is overloaded by current (according to the time-current characteristic of the relay, taking into account the thermal state of the motor) automatically
– in case of abnormal loss of engine load 4
– at thermal overload of the motor 4
3) range of possible reduction of time delays corresponding to the rated time-current characteristic, % 100÷10
4) setting ranges:
– by minimum current,% nom. motor current 0÷90
– by temperature, °С 20÷125
5) insulation resistance setting, MOhm 0.5±0.05
6) setting setpoints smooth
7) AC supply voltage, V 220 (-44 +22)
8) power consumption, W, no more 2
9) maximum line length, m, no more
– between relays and current sensors 10
– between relay and temperature sensor (with line resistance no more than 10 Ohm) 100
10) enclosure protection IP30
11) overall dimensions, mm 90×90×65
12) weight, kg 0.2

The warranty period – is 24 months from the date of sale.