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Indicator for balancing rotors of rotating machines IBR-02

IBR-02 – is designed to control vibration of rotating machines, dynamic balancing (in one and two planes) of their rotors, alignment of the shafts of horizontal machines.
IBR-02 allows to perform:

  • check of machine vibration;
  • determination of the rotor speed and vibration velocities at the rotor speed and their phase angles;
  • automatic calculation of correction masses and correction angles;
  • automatic calculation of displacements providing elimination of shafts misalignment.

IBR-02 is intended for companies that operate or repairing rotating machines with a rigid rotor with a speed of 300 to 15000 rpm.

Operating principle:

– in case of checking the vibration of the machine, the vibration velocity (root mean square value (RMS value)) is measured in the range of 5÷1000 Hz;
– in case of balancing the rotor, the rotor rotation speed, vibration velocities (RMS value) at the rotor rotation speed and their phase angles during test runs are determined, and with their help, corrective masses and correction angles are automatically calculated;
– In case of aligning the shafts of horizontal machines, the readings of dial indicators installed on the half-couplings or shafts are recorded at the positions “9 h”, “0 h”, “3 h” (when viewed on the side of the moving machine), and on their basis parallel and angular misalignment of the shafts in the vertical and horizontal planes and displacements ensuring their elimination are calculated.

Technical specifications:

1) testing parameters:
– during check of machine vibration vibration velocity (root mean square value)
– during balancing rotors vibration velocity (root mean square value), phase angle of vibration velocity, rotation speed
2) dynamic range, dB 54
3) frequency range, Hz 5÷1000
4) indication liquid-crystal graphic one
5) method of determination of vibration velocity phase angle visual with a help of built-in stroboscope beam synchronized by vibration signal
6) power self-contained from external power unit
7) power voltage, V 4 (-1.0 … +0.2)
8) power consumption, W, no more 4
9) overall dimensions, mm 205×80×50
10) weight, kg, no more 0.4

The warranty period – is 24 months from the date of sale